How to be successful on YouTube | YouTube success Tips

How to be successful on YouTube YouTube success Tips

How to be successful on YouTube, YouTube success tips
YouTube Success Tips

  • Hi Reader, I am Rohit Chaudhary, a blogger from India and I love writing about tech, android, health and all that stuff. Living in India or say being from India I never saw such a tendency that new generation is coming forward and opting YouTube as a career. Some people have resources and some have not. But no matter they are dedicated to it. There is success and failure attached altogether. It is not going to happen that a single video will make you famous overnight. It takes time, patience, skill, dedication, passion and incessant hard work to get success on YouTube. So I decided to write this article, just for those who are new on YouTube to help them so that they may quickly understand everything. Considering the importance of time, I will only include the most important topics otherwise it will become totally boring. So be connected with me throughout the conversations.

 How to Start?

 (If you are already working on a channel skip this topic) To start with you need to first make sure as to what you are passionate about. Let me tell you why? You may face times where people are not going to like your work or follow your work and you may feel depressed and think of quitting. But if you are doing something that you are passionate about you will have some kind of enjoyment therein and you can face that period very easily. People love to watch dance videos, songs videos, comedy, entertainment videos and even technical knowhow videos. You will just have to figure out which is the best stream for you. It may look a simple decision but trust me this is the most important decision if you want to make a professional channel. Or you can make a versatile channel but believe me if you choose to go in a specific thing you become professional in it and success comes. There are examples: Bhuvan Bam – from BBkivines, Gaurav Chaudhary – from Technical Guruji

 Starting from 0 subscribers

 Everyone starts from 0. Make your first video and find audience for it. Don’t hesitate to Ask first from your close friends to subscribe to your channel.

 How to find audience

 Finding audience is like finding people who may take interest in your work. Find suitable groups on Facebook which may relate to your channel subject. Like if you have a channel for Android tips and tricks then find some groups relating to android tips and tricks on Facebook. Don’t waste time in posting in irrelevant groups. The same way find suitable communities on Google+, and find suitable Subreddits on Reddit. The better is that you make a separate Facebook page, twitter account, instagram account for your channel. Also pay attention to your channel designing. I mean make an attractive logo and channel art for your channel. The same logo you can use in your other social profiles. Don’t change it timely. No matter how is it just let it be forever. People recognize you from that.

 Finding Perfect Content for your niche

 People actually don’t find the right content for their channel most often and for youtube success you need to figure out everything. Even there has a tendency of people that they find you copy of someone. So better is that you find your own way and different style. Even it’s okay if you don’t. Ok, let me tell you how can you find content. According to your niche you need find suitable websites that continuously write over different topics. And even the groups, communities that you joined will give you sufficient content. If you have a entertainment channel and you are new on youtube, the better is that you target most trending topics and frame a humorous video over it. In so far as possible, try to gain followers on social media and share your videos there.


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