Why are Indian Smartphone Brands dieing?

Ever wondered what happened to karbonn it's dead. Lava dead spice again dead, Micromax okay not dead yet. but you know well on its way so what happened to these Indian smartphone brands. Hey guys I'm Rohit and let's talk about that in today's post.
Why are Indian Smartphone Brands dieing?

Why are Indian Smartphone Brands dieing?

Do you know any of the Indian smartphone brand let me know in the comments down below no cheering go on leave a comment let's see who gets the most number of brands do not read other people's comments just just put in your own comment okay.
So to better understand why all these Indian smartphone brands are in such a sorry state.

We first need to go back a little in time and find out how they came into power in the first place way back in 2012 Micromax created a huge storm in the budget phone scene by launching the dual-core canvas 2 at just nine thousand nine hundred rupees this was absolutely unheard of I mean you gotta realize this was a time where we had the Qualcomm Snapdragon s4 pro as a high-end chip from their micro max just killed new heights as their phones kept coming up with impressive specs for budget prices and they just kept flying off the shelves people couldn't have enough of these cheap and powerful smartphones another company is like lava, Xolo, Karbonn and a nurse joined in as well in fact.

We had quite a few innovative products come out and then being seen like the xolo play that was powered by the flagship Nvidia tegra3 chipped on the 16,000 rupees now at the height of their success Micromax according to some sources had even managed to dethrone Samsung as the number one smartphone supplier in India this was the glory days for these Indian smartphone players everywhere from banners and holding to add spots on TVs would be dominated by companies like Micromax and carbon come I'll catch anybody do you remember that now where did it all go wrong well to be brutally honest Indian smartphone players were doomed from the day they began and the main reason they were smartphone traders not manufacturers all that Micromax carbon lava and others dead will go over to mainland China by a bucket load of devices from a no diem put their own stickers on it and then sell it in India for a profit they didn't plan for the future which is why when these same Chinese players when they decided to sell their smart phones in India directly the fall of all Indian smartphone brands became nothing more than an inevitable eventualities this fall while maybe unavoidable could have been slowed down but the Indian players missed three key opportunities number one they
let show me another Chinese players like Lenovo dominate the online smartphone market in India just when it started Xiaomi is currently the biggest smartphone manufacturer in India and they started by introducing the online only flash sales model phones like the redmi 1s and the redmi note along with the me3 sold like hotcakes and Micromax and other Indian brands still pay much attention to them a fatal mistake that they realized way too late one they tried to combat with launches like the yu yuphoria and the u1 well they were a disaster the old tactic of rebranding Chinese phones to sell us their own wasn't gonna work any longer as it was just too time-consuming a process and Xiaomi along with V bono pool already had newer models with better specs by the time the Indian brands managed to catch up with the last release cycle number 2 the advent of Geo now a lot of you might think that geo and therefore G services are only shaken out the telecom industry but that's not true they've also had a profound effect on the smartphone industry companies like Micromax and carbon we're still pushing 3G power devices on the offline markets when the govt was suddenly took over all of India and just like that people were looking to choose 4G devices the Chinese brands capitalized by flooding both offline and online markets with cheap 4G powered smartphones the final nail in the coffin for many Indian Browns has been the mare in India scheme many companies like Xiaomi have set up gigantic factories in India itself and that means they can have import parts and manufacture the finished smartphone in India this saves them a lot of money in taxes import duties and shipping costs no Micromax and other Indian companies had the same opportunity as well but they never really spent any amount of money in R&D which meant they couldn't take advantage of these new rules in fact all the money they've spent you know that's been on advertising and even that has proven to be ineffective as Oppo and VEVO with a selfie focused lineup of phones they were able to outspend these brands and they've been able to capture that demographic in the end the Indian brands had nothing left they didn't have the deep pockets to compete with companies like open VEVO in the offline segments didn't have the rnd of a child startups like Xiaomi which meant they basically faded into oblivion and right now if you look at the IDC list for top Indian smartphone brands none of these companies are anywhere to be found in the top ten instead we have the likes of Oppo and VEVO making up the ranks along with Xiaomi and Samsung now is there a path back for these companies well unfortunately I don't think so unless these brands do a 180-degree turn and their business models I don't see any chance of them being able to compete with their Chinese counterparts anyway they begin to heavily invest into R&D right now it would be years before they can catch up to their Chinese counterparts as China the region where patents are not really enforced which means once a new discovery is made every company makes rapid revisions on a project leading to a much more rapid developmental cycle than what can be observed anywhere else in the world anyway the Chinese smartphone scene is another story maybe another post some other day.
But for now this is what happened to these brands and with that we come to the end of this post. so do let me know if you found it interesting and if you have any questions?

let me know in the comments below also do you guys think indian grounds like Micromax lab are karbonn and others can make a comeback.
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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