The Real truth of 5G Network | Reality of 5G

What's that you say a billion-dollar corporation lying to its customers, who could have ever predicted. this but that's exactly, what AT&T is doing with their new 5g service. that is not anything of the sort and that's we're gonna be talking about today. 

Reality of 5G Network

So you don't fall for it and you know what's actually going on with 5g rolling out because it is coming. but some companies including AT&T are saying that they have 5g when it's not at all and basically. what's going on is that AT&T decided to upgrade their network it's still 4G but it's slightly upgraded so it's slightly faster so basically what's going on is you know how normally at the top your phone it might say LTE or 4G or 3G depending on what service area you're in and the speeder achieving well, now AT&T on some devices wherever this new upgraded version of their network is specifically on Samsung and LG devices at the moment they're gonna start displaying 5ge which stands for 5g evolution.
Reality of 5G
which is not 5g in fact this new 5g evolution apparently only averages about 40 megabits per second which is not even that fast and is not even faster than what I get with regular 4G LTE which is like a hundred megabits plus.

The real truth of Upcoming 5G

So I can't even imagine why they're doing this nonsense and a bunch of people have already called them out on it and the crazy thing is that AT&T is actually rolling out real 5g in a few very small markets and they have already.
Fake 5g is rolling out
So it kind of begs the question why are they doing this and obviously it is a pure marketing move before we get into more about how much BS this is you might be wondering what the difference is between 4G LTE and 5g and I'll quickly go over those it's really not that hard to understand so the G like 3G 4G 5g that refers to the generation of the cellular technology as a whole so 3GS third-generation 4G for generation and 5g is 5th generation they're like big chunk upgrades so you can kind of think of this as like every time you get a whole new computer it's like a new generation of your computer and every different about and what's important to know also is that for G as a specification actually calls for speeds that are much higher than what are practically implemented it kind of was like future-proofed a little bit so true for G the spec actually says up to speeds of like a thousand megabits down and five hundred megabits up which is obviously not anything that a real cell care carrier is gonna be using anytime recently or soon but that doesn't mean that just because it's not getting the highest speeds that it's not 4G in this case most cell companies just refer to 4G as using the 4G technology not necessarily the full spec 4G which is not lying because it's kind of similar to with like wired Internet where there's dial-up cable and fiber optic and there's different speeds within each branch but just because you have a very slow cable modem doesn't mean that it's worse than the previous generation like dial-up or something like that and it also means that if you have really crappy 5g it might be not as good as 4G that's really good just like if you have really crappy a fiber optic connection it might be not as good as a really good cable connection you get the idea now LTE the full name of which is 4G LTE which stands for fourth generation long term evolution isn't really a whole new technology it's definitely not like a new generation but the evolution basically signifies that it's a upgrade towards the full speck of forge eighth of maximum spec of 4G so it is gonna be faster than the maybe original when 4G came out it was like crappy for G so the LTE if you get 4G LTE it's gonna signify that's probably better than it was before and then there's even further LTE a which is coming out which stands for LTE advanced which again just means it's a another upgrade to the 4G technology and implementation but it's not a completely new technology it's still using the 4G things now 5g on the other hand does use completely new technologies such as different frequency's and it is typically gonna be a lot faster than 4G although again it might not be a hundred percent guarantee because you might have really good 4G crappy 5g again it's just talking about the technology itself so you can kind of think of these as like again upgrading your computer if you get a whole new computer it's like getting a new generation but if you maybe swap out the graphics card get a better graphics card maybe that's like getting 4G LTE and if you then swap out for better Ram then that's like getting 40 4G LTE a advanced so again you're kind of upgrading to the maximum capable that your computer could be but it's not getting a whole new computer so this whole 5ge branding with AT&T makes no sense because at least before it was 4G LTE it's an evolution of 4G it's an improvement on 4G makes sense but if you go based on that same standard that would suggest that 5g II is an improvement on 5g not 4G why would you put 5g in it at all if it's not using 5g it's using 4G it makes no sense it's so stupid and their argument is that the e is somehow supposed to signify that it's almost 5g which obviously is more confusing to customers it would make way more sense to call it like LTE plus or something like that and what's really ironic is that AT&T is actually pretty much behind the curve in terms of upgrading their cellular network what they're calling 5ge is basically that LTE advanced that I talked about before which other cell companies have been rolling out for years so this 5ge is not even new it's not even better than what already exists on the market and again this is just pure BS probably so that AT&T can say in commercials and ads oh it's the biggest 5ge network and of course customers are gonna think oh well that must be better because no other companies are saying they have 5g and they're gonna ignore the little e and they're gonna think that if they switch to AT&T they're gonna get 5g or that if they see that symbol that they have 5g and they'll brag to their friends well gotta fight even though they don't at all though I do think this could backfire on a tee at least a little bit in terms of phone sales because if people see oh well I have 5g now and then they seen a commercial for a new phone that says 5g on it that's real 5g. they're gonna think why would I upgrade. I already have 5g who cares. but at the same time this could be to trick people into not switching to other carriers that might roll out real 5g sooner.
so it may be Verizon or t-mobile rolls out 5g that's real and customers will see that v GE and think oh well I don't need to switch I already have it really is just scummy marketing no matter what way you look at it and it's CES they when they announced this a lot of tech industry really did kind of backlash on these guys and say what the heck are you doing this just straight up lying basically and also another funny thing is that t-mobile kind of made fun of AT&T for this by tweeting out a video where they basically took a tiny little sticker that said 9 G and just pasted it on top of one of their phones it said oh I didn't know it could be this easy poking fun at the fact that AT&T is upgrading their network by literally just changing a symbol without doing anything about it and another important thing to realize is that there are no actual real 5g phones out at the moment there's gonna be very soon especially with the new Snapdragon 855 by Qualcomm which does have a 5g modem capable in it so this year we're almost certainly gonna see 5g phones very soon but right now there basically are none but 5g networks are slowly being rolled out in some small sectors small a very limited number of cities including by AT&T so AT&T is rolling out real 5g but it's not in the form of like cellular service or phones right now it's mostly for like they're gonna sell a modem where or a router that receives a 5g signal and the idea is you use that for your home internet which is a very different use and that will be a very good use for 5g but cellular it's not there yet it's coming very soon now I really hope that this doesn't give a bad name to 5g because in reality 5g is gonna make a big difference to how we use the Internet it's gonna open up a lot of options for people who might have like crappy you know Comcast or Verizon Internet there's only one choice this will open up a lot of options for people because you know any cell company can set up 5g hotspots and then if you want home internet that is gigabit or more you can just get a wireless signal coming in that apparently is going to be very low latency I think this is going to make a lot of pressure on these internet companies that have mostly had monopolies up until now there's also with 5g is going to allow it to be a lot easier for like individual devices to have their own cellular connection maybe like smart home devices and things which normally have to connect to Wi-Fi or you have to have it connected to your phone stuff like that apparently 5g is gonna make it a lot easier for many many devices to have its own cellular connection which will also be very great so don't fall for this fake nonsense a 5ge if you see that at the top your phone which at the moment I think is just for like recent Samsung and LG phones but probably more Android phones going forward I don't think Apple is gonna allow that nonsense but who knows.

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