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How to Format laptops - Hey Everyone, do you want to format your laptop or computer, what you don't know how to format Laptop, so don't you worry about that, Here is The easy solution, Hey guys, I'm Rohit, And here in this article, I have shared with you, how to format laptops or computer.

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How to Format laptop or computer

How to Format laptops

How to Format laptops

i will show you step by step easy tutorial for formating laptop and computer. So read this complete Article.
when we download any files software from the internet or copy files folder in our system due to this our computer gets affected by virus and become slow and also gets hang, to remove virus and solve this problem, we often format our computer system, but most of the people don't know how to format any Laptop or a computer system.

How to format Laptop

How to Format laptops

So Here in this post i have shared with you step by step tutorial for how to format Laptop or computer system to format your laptop/computer system, there are some requirement, you need window CD/DVD or you can use bootable pendrive for format your Laptop or Computer system.

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So basically you need window setup for formating your laptop or computer system if you don't have window cd/dvd or bootable pendrive you can not format your computer, so you must need window cd/dvd or a bootable pendrive, now lets learn how to format Laptops.

First you have to open window setup on your computer system, for this you have to restart your system then insert window CD/DVD or you can insert bootable pendrive, now it will ask for press any key to boot from CD/DVD if you use Window CD so Press Any key to boot, but if you are using bootable pendrive then you have to press f12 key to open bootable manager.

How to format laptops

after that select USB HDD to load window setup once the window setup loaded click on next, now click on install now.
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Now steup is starting, now you have to select the term and condition and click on next now here you get two option first one is upgrade and the second one is custom you basically you have to click on Custom install now this is very important part here. you will get all the partition which are available in you hard disk. now here you have to select the partition in which your computer window is install make sure Never select the type system partition.

How to Format laptops
All Partitions 

so Here drive 0 partition 3 is my window drive in which window is install. so you have to select this drive after selecting click on format, and click on Ok to confirm after that it will delete the old window from your computer system, but after that you have to install the window again, otherwise your laptop/computer will not start so simply select the drive which you have formatted and click on next to install window, now window will start installing, so you have to wait 10 to 15 minute to complete installation after installation, follow the step for setup your computer this is how you can easily format your laptop or computer system, you can format any Laptop or computer system with this method that's it.
You're pretty Done. 😊

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