Top 5 Chrome Extensions For Facebook

Top 5 Chrome Extensions For Facebook

Top 5 Chrome Extensions For Facebook

Hey Guys, Here in this post I have shared with you top 5 chrome extensions for Facebook, by these facebook extensions you can do so many things. You can use facebook more conveniently in your pc or laptop.

1.Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer

With Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer, you can customize your layout and change the way Facebook works.if anyone use this extension they can change and improve their Facebook experience.

                 2. Toolkit For Facebook

Facebook Social Toolkit is a collection of facebook automation tools that are created for saving your time. Well, this will improve your overall facebook experience, because this extension let you do things like unlike all facebook pages, post on your own page, delete all comments, like all comments and much more.

Top 5 Chrome Extensions For Facebook

             3.Photo Zoom for Facebook
Photo Zoom for Facebook is a light-weight extension that integrates directly into facebook so you can see the larger images of albums, profile images and more whenever you hover over an image.

              4. Facebook Chat Privacy
This extension is a very helpful extension for the Google Chrome browser.if you will use this, you can change the facebook’s behavior and stop it from sending the constant updates about whether you have read the messages or not, you are typing up the messages or not. All of these pre-confirmations by the facebook easily will be stopped.
                5.Social Fixer for Facebook
Social Fixer for Facebook makes browsing through the facebook extremely easy as you can find the particular posts from the timeline by just searching for its keywords, get the images zoomed automatically whenever you move mouse over them, play animated GIFs and changing the various aspects of the text etc.


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