Xiaomi Poco F1 review after 3 days usage

Xiaomi Poco F1 review after 3 days usage

Xiaomi Poco F1 review after 3 days usage

Poco F1 Review After 3 days usage

Xiaomi done a great job with this device. My reviews are based on my 3 day usage and compared all the features with Redmi note 5 Pro. Below are the points:

Poco F1 Review After 3 days usage

#1. Design: Before getting it I was thinking that design will not that great. but after opening the box its look premium smartphone. The backside of this phone made polycarbonate.

Design - 10/6
Poco F1 review

#2.  Display: IPS lcd panel has been used but it is of great quality. I have compared it with redmi note 5 Pro and colors are more saturated and punchy on this device and very eye catchy.
Display - 10/8

3. Camera: Front camera is just awesome. Regarding the rear camera, in good lighting condition the image is really good. But in low light condition the photos have less details, may be this is to make smooth the image by increasing exposure level. But definitely better than MiA1 low light shot. Potrait is also great but it is lacking telephoto lens which MiA1 have.
Camera - 10/8.5

4. Network reception: It has 4CA and dual Volte which I like the most. Using Jio CA the speed difference can be felt. Call quality is just awesome.
Network - 10/8

5. Sound output: i) via speaker: it is using earpiece as a second speaker to give stereo effect but I liked the Redmi note 5 Pro speaker because note 5 pro has more crystal clear sound by single speaker. At 100% the distortion is happening on this device. ii) via headphone: I like the note 5 pro most because of this. headphone output is much much more better in note 5 pro more loud and clear. However Poco is also giving good sound quality but not that good comparing note 5 pro. iii) via Bluetooth: Feeling the difference between Bluetooth 5.0 and 4.2. 5.0 can give HD output via Bluetooth so audio quality is definitely great.
Sound output - 10/6.8

6. Battery: Faced idle time battery drain issue which is not there in note 5 pro.if you play High n gaming  it will drain quite faster otherwise battery performance is great. You will Fast charger  in the box so charging time is not more than 1.5 hours to charge 4000 mah battery.
Battery - 10/8

7. Notch: No one will tell you about this. I was not using any notch display but after getting this I have started hating notch. You cannot see battery percentage, notification, network speed and many more in notification panel. you have to scroll down to see them. Really annoying. and notch is also very big on this device.
Notch - 10/5

8. IR blaster: Ir blaster is working average. Because it is quite slow to pair with your TV , Set Up box etc.
IR blaster - 10/7

9. Fingerprint and face unlock: Fingerprint is really really fast and accurate on this device. IR sensor is being used for face unlock so face unlock is also fast and accurate even in extreme low light.
Face Lock/Fingerprint sensor - 10/9

10. Performance: Sorry I am mentioning it in last because no need to mention it. SD845! This is just awessome I have no words for it because you all know that the flagship feature of this phone is SNAPDRAGON 845.
Performance - 10/9.8

#11. Pricing: Great, no any device can beat poco F1 , great smartphone in this price.
Thanks to Xiaomi for giving this under 21k.
Price - 10/10 

Overall Score = 100/78Just go for it without any doubt. 


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