Why Your Smartphone Becomes Slow After Some Time

Why Your Smartphone Becomes Slow After Some Time

Why Smartphones Becomes Slow

Why Your Smartphone Becomes Slow After Some Time 

obsolescence is the state of being which
occurs when an object service or
practice is no longer wanted even though
it may still be in good working order.

it is a prominent feature of our Morden
economy and it's generally preferable to
us the consumers for example and digital
cameras came out in the 1980s and replaced film cameras this is called technological obsolescence simply put
digital cameras are just technically more advanced another example we use
every day would be the USB as the name suggests USB replaced many unstandardized serial and parallel ports which were used in the old days this is called functional obsolescence in the first example adoption of digital cameras brought about convenience and lowered cost of video production in the
second example USB standardized computer connections and made our lives a lot easier it is not hard to see that obsolescence in those cases is generally a good thing it is a byproduct of innovation and you guys know how much I love innovation although by definition we're throwing away older versions of the product we're doing so to improve our productivity and hence generate more value for our society despite my talking about innovations in almost all my post this is not what I want to talk about today quite the opposite I want to talk about the evilest obsolescence of all planned obsolescence planned obsolescence is the dark side of innovation that people seldom talk about It refers to the act of planning or designing a product with an artificially imposed useful life artificially being the key word here the famous American industrial designer Brock Stevens called planned obsolescence the active in stealing in the buyer the desire to own something a little newer a little better
a little sooner than is necessary and I have no problem with it because as a consumer, I'm given full information.

whether or not I would buy the product
is based on my desire of that therefore this is not what makes planned obsolescence undesirable the part of planned obsolescence I'm not happy with is when the manufacturer purposely hide information that would affect my purchasing decisions until very recently
it was a seldomly discussed industry Norm have you ever wondered why your
smartphone begin to slow down after a
few years of use.

I have many viewers of my messaging me
on Twitter asking me, if I know why their smartphones start to slow down a few month after purchaseing.
Here's the answer planned obsolescence Apple's recent battery scandal gives us some great insights into this problem what's going on with these older iPhones why is Apple slowing them down good morning Pamela Sina money now counts five different class-action lawsuits basically iPhone Apple rather finally came forward and said what many people had suspected for a long time that when you update to the newest versions of iOS on the following phones let me just list them for you so you can see if your phone is one of the
ones that's affected the iPhone 6se

and iPhone 7 that they slow your usage

down but Apple says it's not for the

reason that many are accusing them of

they say it's because there's actually

an issue with the battery in these

phones after a lot of usage the battery

can surge and that causes the phone to

shut down a problem Apple denied

exercising planned obsolescence of

course but the sheer fact that it did

not even bother to inform its customers

about this change is a testament to the

prevalence of planned obsolescence in

the mobile industry indeed our smart

phones are not designed to work forever

in the first place many budget

manufacturers use materials of lower

quality to control the cost of the phone

for example when manufacturers make a

smart phone there's this process called

wire bonding which uses one of the

following materials to make

interconnections between an integrated

circuit and its packaging gold is the

preferred material among them which will

give the product a longer lifespan

however many budget smartphone
manufacturers decide to use copper
instead to save cost as a customer we
would not feel the effect when we first
start to use the phone but
the product ages the one built with
copper lacks significantly more than its
counterpart built with gold this is the
opportunity cost of buying a cheaper
smartphone so going back to the question
asked in the title why do our smart
phones slow down after a while well it
was never meant to work forever perhaps
because of the components deterioration
perhaps due to the wear and tear of the
phone itself it is designed to be obsolete in a few years time I'm ok with all of that however whatever the reason might be our phones should never slow down because its manufacturer made a decision to slow it down for us.

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