Vivo V11 Pro Review | Price , Specs

Vivo V11 Pro Review

Vivo V11 Pro Review
Vivo V11 Pro

Vivo V11 Pro Review
And My Opinions

Hey Guys, I'm Rohit and here in this article
I am sharing with you some of my opinions and features of New Vivo V11 Pro.

Vivo has launched the V11 Pro in India Priced at 25,990 

and as you can see in the image V11 Pro has 6.41 Amoled screen with in-display fingerprint scanning and Vivo also claim that the face unlocking is a lot better because it actually uses IR sort of work in pitch darkness and this is powered by  snapdragon 66 SoC 

comes with six Gb of RAM and 64 GB of

internal storage and they also claim

that though this is having a big screen

they say it's a 6.41 inches amoled

screen and the handset is not heavy and

very big because of the bezels are very

small like water drop.

Vivo V11 Pro Specifications
Vivo V11 Pro Specs

 it has a Super AMOLED screen with

that in display fingerprint scanner.
The camera is also enhanced on this with AI

capabilities. I leave a lot of

sample shots with this one so that you

can have a better idea.

Box Contains: 

You will get a transparent case with V11 Pro  and a sim ejector tool and the warranty card and a Quick Charger. so these are the SAR values for India it is 1.25 and 0.48.
 they are bundling headsets and this

many vendors don't do that these days so

we're getting this and this actually looks like Apple earpods. 
Vivo V11 Pro headphones

And  USB cable and it's a micro USB

silly that yeah just still going with

micro USB not a USB type C and guys indeed it's a fast charger 5 volts at 2amp such normal

but nine volts at two amps so definitely

this is a fast charger good to see that

they are bundling a fast charger in the

box so these are contains you will get in the box

Vivo V11 Pro Display
V11 pro doesn't have a big notch just a small droplet

Vivo V11 Pro Review

Physical Overview

and let me give you a physical overview

on the top actually we have secondary

noise cancellation microphone and gear

we have the volume rockers power on/off

button on the right side bottom then for the speaker micro

USB port and the 3.5 mm headphone jack

and obviously SIM slot  at the

configuration on this so nice to see

that we have a dedicated micro SD card

slot and dedicated slots for two and

nano sense and that's how it looks on

Vivo V11 Pro Back

the back and again I have to say this

blue color one looks a lot of better

with this gradient finish this is

actually looks like polycarbonate part

that they are having so anyways guys let

me try to actually vote this up and by

the time it actually boots up and I set

this up let me give you a configuration

overview this Vivo 11 pros I mean the

6.41 and Super AMOLED screen with a full

HD Plus display in the 19's to 5 is to 9

aspect ratio its Powered by the snapdragon


2 core processor it comes in 6 Gigabytes

of RAM and 64gb of internal storage it's

a proper dual sim with the dedicated

micro SD card slot it also has in

display fingerprint scanning and

infrared face unlocking features going

to the camera it's a 12 megapixel rear

facing camera and

I kept the camera in a dual camera setup

and the front-facing camera is a 25

megapixel shooter with AI capabilities

moving to the battery it has a 3400

milliamp hour battery with fast charging

support now if I go to settings and here it's running on the custom UI  on the Android version 8.2 so early

out-of-the-box that you're getting good

thing is that Android Security patch is

latest and it's snapdragon 660 SOC at

two Ghz six gigabytes of RAM that if i go to storage out of that 64 about 52 is available again I have taken quite a bit of photographs

Vivo V11 Pro Camera Samples

Vivo V11 Pro Camera Samples

Vivo V11 Pro Camera Samples

Vivo V11 Pro Camera Samples

Vivo V11 Pro Camera Samples

Vivo V11 Pro Camera Samples

Vivo V11 Pro Camera Samples
In low light condition

with this model as I've told you I was

using this one so you have roughly about

52 to 53 gigabytes of space that you

would get and another thing that I've

noticed with this device is that if you

just leave it also has this always-on

display so that's a good thing and this

stays like this and also it has that in

display fingerprint scanner so I mean you just press your finger and it unlocks so it works

actually pretty well but it also has face unlocking features and it is ridiculously fast
and as it has a IR emitter and this so

this face unlocking will also work in

complete darkness so that's a new thing

that they have added so in terms of

fingerprint scanner and face and locking

no issues as so that's a nice thing and they will talk a lot about the camera also on this one and

again the face unlocking also employs

some AI features it detects about 1024

points so it's a slightly better than

earlier versions, but

there is some bloatware that is

pre-installed as some apps

I tried to uninstall some of

the apps and youyou  uninstall some of the apps.
And if say about v11 lro comes with sd660.
Performance is too good. If you do High n gaming. You won't face any legs.
It's to smooth. 

Vivo doing a very good job I would say the camera performance is actually really good on this device.

Should you buy this phone ? 
In my opinion if you want performance better than Vivo V11 Pro and want to run lots of high level games and apps than I would say go for poco F1 because it comes with snapdragon 845. Which is too much better than 660 under 21k 
But if you want a great design , great camera , with avragav performance than you can go for Vivo V11 Pro.
It depends on you .what is your need.

If you guys have any other questions

regarding this device do let me know in

the comment section below and I'll answer them so guys that's it for now.

Thanks for reading
Share it with everyone.

Vivo V11 Pro Review


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