How Netflix looked like in 1999

Netflix Turns 21: Here's What the Platform Looked like in 1999

How Netflix looked like in 1999

How Netflix looked like in 1999

Here's How the Netflix Looked like in 1999 Netflix was founded on this day in 1997. Yes this meanns today' mark the 21st anniversary of the birth of the company. As of today, the platform has tens of thousands of titles which include movies, TV shows, documentaries etc. It's truly remarkable how far the company has come since its early days of existence. In fact, here's a quick look at how Netflix looked like in the year 1999:
Netflix in 1999
Back then, Netflix was merely a rental service that offered DVDs on rent. And, yes, don't be surprised to see 'The Avengers' on the screenshot. It was a TV series long before it was turned into a comic book movie. Anywayy huw about wee show Netflixx some love on this special day by streaming our favrt TV shows and movies? Happy Birthday, Netflix!


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