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Top 10 Facebook Facts
Facebook Facts

Top 10 Facebook Facts

Top 10 Facebook Facts Nowadays almost every internet user use Facebook in their daily life. And I know you are reading this article because of you are a Facebook user. and if I am not wrong you are using Facebook daily in your daily life.

But do you know some intresting facts of Facebook which very few peoples Know only, and I think you should also know the some important facts of Facebook.
So read this article, I wrote top 10 Facts of Facebook in this post. I hope You will like it.
  1. Mark Zuckerberg is VIP on Facebook.
Ya, You're thinking right. Mark Zuckerberg is VIP on Facebook. It's mean , Nobody Can Block him. If You will try to block him. It will show blocking error.

  2. Facebook watching You

I am going to reveal a dark truth of Facebook. That they also track a website that you visit even after logged out from your Facebook account.

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  3. 600,000 Hacking Attempts On Facebook 

Popular Social Site Facebook ranked as No.1  So Security is likewise the Concern for that. There are Approx 800,000 Hacking Attempts made by Hackers or on Facebook Accounts Everday. This is the Largest Number of Hacking Attempts on a Specific Site.
Top 10 Facebook Facts

 4. $1.4 Million Every Hour.

You cannot believe this but this is truth.
Facebook is Earn almost 1. 4 million dollar in every hour.

 5. Facebook Hosting Fact.

Facebook spends $30 million dollars on their Hosting in Each month. This is the biggest hosting money ever used for a website.

 6.Fact behind The Like Button.

On Facebook daily you use like button that was originally going to be called "Awesome"

 7. Add number 4 at the end of Facebook url.

When you put number 4 at the end of Facebook url. It automatically redirects to Mark Zuckerberg profile.

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 8. Fake Profiles on Facebook.
There are approximately 8.7% Fake clients on Facebook.
Who make their profiles for preferences, share and for different Purposes.

Facebook Facts

 9. Facebook Rejected Brian Action in 2009

Whats App Co Founder 'Briane Acton' is Rejected in 2009 by Facebook for Job. Yet, Five Years Later Facebook Buy WhatsApp for $19 Billion. This is the Example that "How Time is Changed".

10.Mark Zuckerberg Salary

This is the crazy fact that the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg only receive $1 dollar as a salary of CEO.

So these was some Facts of Facebook which I know and if you know also many more Facts of Facebook. Than let me know in the comment section below 👇
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